The Cutera HR Excel is the best laser hair removal system on the market for all skin types and tones, from light to dark, including tanned patients. Its unique design, longer wavelength, and innovative cooling design, allow extremely effective, safe and permanent results.

Most areas require 6-12 treatments. However, the number of treatments required for optimal long-term benefits depends on multiple factors – hair thickness, the area treated and your hair’s growth cycle. Interestingly, not all hairs are actively growing at the same time and actually go through three distinct phases: growth, regression, and resting.

Laser treatments work by disabling the hair that is principally in the active growth phase at the time of treatment. Since other hairs will enter this active growth phase at different times, additional treatments may be necessary to disable all of the hair folicles in a given area.


Lip, chin & sides of face
30mins | $90

Lip or chin
10mins | $30

Lip & chin
15 mins | $45

10mins | $15

Snail trail
10mins | $45

15mins | $50

1/2 arms
30mins | $100

Full arms
45mins | $150

45mins | $150

15mins | $60

Full back
30mins | $200

10mins | $100

Back, shoulders & neck
45 mins | $270

20mins | $50

Female Brazilian
20mins | $75

Male Brazilian
30mins | $125

1/2 leg
45 mins | $120

Full leg
60mins | $200  

15mins | $120

Bikini, 1/2 leg & underarms   
45mins | $200     

Bikini, full leg & underarms
60mins | $280 

Female Brazilian, 1/2 leg & underarms
60mins | $210

Female Brazilian, full leg & underarms
60mins | $290

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The Cutera Laser Genesis is a safe and effective laser treatment that stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. It is the ideal laser treatment for targeting fine lines, excellent for treating rosacea and all signs of ageing.

This ground breaking laser is the only treatment that is guaranteed to stimulate and increase dermal collagen for your entire face. Laser Genesis stimulates the skin’s healing and collagen production underneath the skin without damaging the surface layer, resulting in a smoother texture and refined tone.

This non invasive treatment has little to no downtime, so you can apply sunscreen and makeup and return to your normal activities immediately.

Over the course of four to five treatments, Laser Genesis can help restore the skin’s youthful glow and appearance. The individual treatment results are subtle, but the overall effect of multiple treatments can be quite dramatic.

• Safely and gently treat diffuse redness

• Fades acne scarring

• Continuously stimulates new collagen production

• Reduces the appearance of fine lines

45mins | $250     

Trilogy Facial 

The ideal treatment for glowing, radiant skin and to improve collagen production. 

Custom designed by In2skin, the Trilogy Facial is ideal for the client wanting a punch for their skin (without the pain) and no downtime. The Trilogy Facial combines Lactic Acid Peel, followed by Cutera Laser Genesis and finished with a Hydrogel Sheet mask and LED Lighstim.

90 mins | $320

Face, neck + Décolletage

1hr 45mins | $350

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Cutera’s IPL Limelight aids in the improvement of pigmented spots, freckles, sun damage, skin redness, rosacea, tiny veins and broken capillaries.

The Limelight is a medical grade, non-invasive light-based treatment for skin rejuvenation. The procedure offers the advantage of improving skin tone and surface imperfections associated with ageing and photo-damage.

The Limelight is ideal for any part of the face, neck and décolletage with skin redness, tiny veins or brown spots. Light brown spots, which were previously difficult to treat, respond very well to treatment.

A skin analysis consultation is recommended prior to your first treatment to:

  • Assess that photo rejuvenation is the correct treatment for you
  • Answer any questions you may have regarding the treatment
  • Perform a test patch
  • Take clinical photographs of the treatment area to monitor your results
  • Give pre and post treatment instructions

Full face
45mins | $240     

Half face
30mins | $120                

30mins | $120              

45mins | $240                 

Full face, neck + Décolletage
60mins | $550

20mins | $100             

Half arms
30 mins | $270             

Full arms
45 mins | $550             

Full back
45 mins | $550

Full legs

60 mins | $1000

The Cutera AcuTip delivers light energy safely and effectively to treat individual sun spots and facial veins. The cooled tip is ideally sized for tracing small vessels on the nose, cheek, chin, and other areas of the face. It can just as easily be used to remove sun or age spots often found on the face, chest and hands.

The Cutera AcuTip can remove bothersome small, facial veins quickly without bruising or complication. Cherry angiomas found on all parts of the body also respond very well to AcuTip vein therapy, usually with just one treatment.

Typically one or two treatments are sufficient to see results for either sun spots or facial vein. Additional treatments may be required for very dark spots or where there are many unwanted facial veins.

30 mins | Pricing from $80

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Getting moles & skin tags removed

Growths treated include moles, skin tags, seborrhoiec keratoses, senile warts and other raised lesions. At In2skin we can remove moles from the face, armpits, breasts and neck. The technique we use is particularly useful for facial growths and fleshy growths called skin tags. There is usually minimal scaring and the healing period is short.

Preparing for your treatment

Before the removal of any raised moles, you will be required to have the moles you wish to be removed checked by a doctor or at a skin cancer clinic before removal. You will need to provide us with a doctors or skin check certificate at your appointment. You are then free to have your mole removal treatment as planned. Treatment only available to clients over the ages over 18.

30 mins | From $80

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Eliminate unwanted leg veins with excel HR – a clinically proven laser technology for safe, effective and comfortable treatments for men and women.

Spider veins are small, damaged veins that can appear on the surface of the legs. They can appear as blue, purple or red and are very common behind back of knees and can be visible as a thread or clusters.

Multiple treatments are required six weeks apart. A treatment plan will be advised at your appointment. 

Not for treatment of varicose veins.

30mins | Pricing from $80

Lightstim LED is a non invasive Light Therapy treatment that requires no downtime. Ideal for pre-wedding prep or before a big event.

Not to be confused with laser, the light therapy was originally developed to fast-track the healing of wounds and post surgery scars. The rejuvenation of healthy skin, too, was a happy coincidence.

How it works?

  • When the therapeutic light energy is in the correct wavelength, the cells in the dermis layer of skin will convert that light energy into ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the fuel that the cell uses to do its job.
  • The fibroblast cells in the dermis layer have the job of producing collagen (which give the skin fullness or that plumped look) and elastin (which give the skin the ability to bounce back). Thus, LED gives the cells a ‘full tank of fuel’ and these fibroblast cells start to produce collagen and elastin like when one was 20-25 years old!

Treatment can be either a stand alone or in combination with other facial rejuvenation treatments. Skin is prepped and a serum or mask applied to the individual clients needs. The Lightstim is placed over the face, without touching the skin, and a warm bright light is emitted. 

30 mins | $70

8 x sessions $400 (Prepaid)

Add on 20 mins | $35      

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