Cosmetic Tattooing and Tattoo Removal

Cosmetic tattooing is a popular well tolerated cosmetic treatment involving controlled insertion of safe colour pigments into the dermis layer of the skin, instantly improving appearance, facial definition and in most instances, a long lasting effect.

All cosmetic tattooing will fade, or metabolise to some degree over time.

A full consultation is always carried out before commencing tattooing, which will help to ease any of your anxieties. We begin by discussing with the client exactly what they want to achieve including shape and colour, taking into account the clients natural colourings and giving our expert advice regarding what may suit them.



With a small purpose made cosmetic tattoo hand-held implanted, or a sterile curved blade.

Our advanced practitioner will utilise more than one implanting device and variable needles appropriate to the clients individual needs.


Anyone who desires a soft, natural or prominent enhancement to their appearance can benefit from skilfully applied cosmetic tattooing.


Discomfort varies from person to person.  Compounded topical numbing cream and local anaesthetic is used to numb the treated areas. Ensuring your comfort is a high priority.


Swelling can occur and may last from 2 to 72 hours.

There may be some tenderness for a few days.  The colour implanted will be darker than you expected for the next 5-10 days. We recommend taking the day of work with lip tattooing due to swelling.

Post care instructions will be thoroughly explained before and after your procedure.


The range of colours available is almost endless and can be custom tailored to suit every individual’s needs.  We use the highest quality colour pigment reducing the chance of colour change in the skin.


This is a semi permanent procedure and colour can be modified and changed.  It has been known to last for many years but generally does fade and metabolise over time.  Touch up or refresh treatments may be required in a couple of years.

cosmetic tattooing at in2skin

Types of Tattooing


Microblading has the ability to look completely natural when blended amongst existing hair or none at all. The feathering motion mimics real brow hair and can be individually customised to suit your preferences. Depending on your requirements, the brows can be subtly coloured or completely remodelled as each new strand is intricately etched and coloured into the skin. This procedure is fantastic for clients suffering from alopecia.

Ombré or Mist technique uses a small tattoo pen to create natural looking brows. The technique is used when the client would prefer a powder filled brow look, similar to applying brow powder makeup. The ombré effect is lighter pigment at the start of the brow, and gradually gets darker on the tail.



Thick eyeliner is OUT and will only create unnecessary attention to the area as a tattoo. Anne prides herself on the ability to apply very finely etched lines that are nestled tightly above the lashes for a crisp finish. We do not cater to requests of ‘winged eyeliner’ or double thickness as pigments can migrate or blur in the future.

The eyes are closed throughout the procedure and an aesthetic balm is applied with a micro-tip for accuracy allowing the client to rest peacefully without concerns about eye irritation during the treatment. We offer both top and bottom eyeliner options.

Invisible Lash Liner

Invisible Lash Liner creates undetectable definition for eyes. Unlike traditional eyeliner tattooing (in which ink is embedded “above” the lash line) Invisible Liner uses small needles to dot and fill “within” and around the lash bed. Most women comment that their lashes appear fuller and the whites of their eyes brighter. Invisible Liner is only applied to the top lash line.

Pre Treatment

Ensure that the natural lashes are free from mascara. Eyelash extensions including individual strands must be removed prior to the treatment. We do not recommend this treatment if you are suffering from an eye irritation or infection. Contact lenses can be problematic or uncomfortable during the tattoo procedure. An anaesthetic will be placed onto the lash line before the artist applies the liner.

Post Treatment

Similar to the lip tattooing, lash liner lasts about 3 – 5 years depending on varying factors. Avoid running water over the eyes for 5 days. The use of makeup, in particular mascara, cannot be worn during this period. Be careful to only use cleanser around the eyes but not through the lash bed.


Aside from having a lip colour that won’t fade or smudge, lip tattooing also defines the shape of the lips and depending on the technique, can make them look slightly larger too.

Our advanced techniques can correct the shape of your lips to make them seem more balanced and symmetrical. We can also add definition to the edge of your lips to minimise the appearance of fine lines and give you a fresh and youthful look.  Lip tattooing techniques can include liner, blush, contouring and full tint.  Our cosmetic tattooist will discuss these different techniques and colour choices at the initial consultation.

Tattoo Removal

Non Laser Tattoo Removal can be used to lighten and remove  eyebrows, eyeliner, overdrawn lip liner and small body tattoos of two square inches or less. Unlike laser tattoo removal, the saline tattoo removal method is a safe and effective method that draws pigment up and out of the skin.


How does this process work

It works through the process of Osmosis : By introducing a high concentration of saline into the dermis of the skin where unwanted pigment resides, water in the cells beneath and surrounding the pigment (which contain lower concentrations of sea salt) will create osmotic pressure and will rise to the areas containing the higher concentrations of sea salt. With this process of equalisation, pigment is forced from the dermal layer upward to the epidermal layer by osmotic pressure.

What are the benefits of this procedure

The tattoo is lighter and could possibly fade completely over time. This removal technique is safe for most skin types. The saline removal method is safer and has less risks of hyper/hypo pigmentation, blistering, and scarring than laser removal treatments. The skin may be tattooed over once the area has sufficiently healed. Most clients find once having laser tattoo removal on their brows they will not be able to get any success in retention of colour due to the scar tissue caused by the laser. This is NOT the case with saline removal. The area can definitely be tattooed again with great success in retention.

How many treatments will I need

This all varies on the type of tattoo we are trying to remove, how deep the pigment was placed and how well you heal. For correction work the tattoo doesn’t need to be removed entirely. As long as we can lighten it enough to go over it again that may only require 1 – 2 sessions, in some cases clients have needed 4 – 5 sessions. This will be further determined at your consultation and after we have seen the healed results of your first treatment.

What risks are involved with Non Laser Tattoo Removal

Risks with this procedure are rare but can include change in skin colour, either a white scar or possible darkening of the skin.

Infection is also possible, but if proper post care instructions followed this is avoidable.

Is it painful

The sensation is similar to any tattoo procedure. Topical numbing cream is applied prior to the procedure.

Is there any downtime

During the treatment you should expect bleeding and some mild swelling. There will be slight tenderness of the area for a day or so. Scabs should begin to form after 24 – 48hrs. Pigment may be visible in the scab, the scab is critical and exactly what we want to achieve! It cannot be touched, picked or wet in the shower. The results will not be known for at least thirty days after your removal session.