Beauty Maintenance

Brow sculpting and tinting

Highlight your healthy skin and enhance those features that frame the face.  Eyebrows are always in, so keep them looking their best with our range of colours to suit your hair and skin type. We also offer henna tinting which is ideal for those clients looking for a longer lasting finish.

Lash tinting + lifting

We are all about enhancing what comes naturally and often our lashes have plenty of length but may be fair in colour or lack curve. Lash tinting and lifting is a cost effective way to ‘open’ the eye.  We highly recommend lash and brow serum to enhance results. 


We are known for our quick and professional service, our hygiene and for making people feel comfortable, even during the most intimate of services.

We also use wax which has been specially formulated to only grab your hair – not your skin! Enjoy the warm towels and calming serum afterwards.