Top 5 Must Do’s for 2022

For me January has been a write off for my New Year resolutions.  Visitors, celebrations and the Omicron outbreak have delayed my “get your shit together” vibe.

However, February is on our doorstep and my reconsiderations for 2022 are back at the forefront.

Need some inspiration, well here are my TOP 5 Must Do’s for your skin this year!

No 1
Revamp your skin care products. If you are not seeing an improvement with your current skin care then it’s time to add a  reputable cosmesceutical serum to your routine.

No 2
Try the BIG B. That’s secret code for B-Tox, muscle relaxant or antiwrinkle injections. This year just do it, you’ll love it and no it is not a poison!

No 3
Non Surgical Facelift. This treatment is suitable for all skin types. Hold off on the dermal filler and tighten and build collagen with this ultrasound based technology.

No 4
Laser hair removal. Tackle that unwanted facial and body hair once and for all, so next summer there’s no strays poking out of that bikini!  You’ve nothing to lose except hair.

No 5
Gut love. Start listening to your gut, heal it and everything else will start feeling better, including your skin. Eat clean, reduce alcohol and take a collagen supplement and probiotic.

Bring on 2022!



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